Alyssa Everson, PA-C

Specializing in:
Neurology (Physician Assistant Certified)
Neurology Care, Neurology Physician Assistant

Alyssa Everson, PA-C, brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to her role as a certified Physician Assistant specializing in Neurology. Her journey in healthcare began at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, then she further honed her skills at South College in Knoxville, TN, completing her Physician Assistant education.

Prior to embarking on her PA career, Alyssa dedicated nearly three years as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in a nursing home facility. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for treating patients with neurological conditions.

A patient success story for Alyssa involves a patient with daily headaches who came to her feeling a sense of hopelessness. Through Alyssa’s guidance, lifestyle adjustments, and a tailored treatment plan, the patient’s condition significantly improved. Remarkably, she went from experiencing daily headaches to averaging less than one per month. This transformation not only allowed the patient to reclaim her life but also provided the opportunity to cherish precious moments, such as watching her baby granddaughter grow. Alyssa’s commitment to this field led her to Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, where she continues to fulfill her desire to provide quality care to patients in local communities. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, Alyssa finds joy in a variety of interests. An avid reader and outdoor enthusiast, she values spending time with her beloved dog, family, and friends. Alyssa also serves as a team leader for a mission group, contributing annually to providing free healthcare services to underserved communities in Guatemala. 

Drawing from her own experiences, Alyssa offers valuable advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Emphasizing the importance of a work/life balance to prevent stress and burnout, she encourages the gradual pursuit of this equilibrium. Physical activity is a cornerstone of Alyssa’s routine–whether it’s hitting the gym, enjoying walks with her dog, or incorporating exercise into leisure activities. Additionally, she advocates for spending time outdoors daily, even if just for a brief period. Recognizing the significance of proper hydration, Alyssa shares practical strategies, such as moderating coffee intake, keeping water readily available, and opting for water over sugary beverages throughout the day.

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology is poised to benefit greatly from Alyssa’s dedication to providing compassionate and quality care to the community.


  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • South College in Knoxville, TN


  • Board Certified in 2020


  • American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA)
  • Mpls. St. Paul Magazine Top Doctors – Rising Stars, Neurology/Sleep Medicine, 2017-2018
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