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In a medical emergency, please call 911.

Corporate Office:  763-302-4100

Referral form for all services and all locations:  FAX REFERRAL FORM


Golden Valley 

Neurology:  763.588.0661
Schapiro Center for Multiple Sclerosis:  763.302.4199
EEG/EMG/MRI:  763.287.2300
Rehabilitation:  763.302.4102
Corporate:  763.302.4100

Neurology Fax:  763.302.4345 and 763.302.4346
Schapiro Center for Multiple Sclerosis Fax:  763.302.4218
EEG/EMG Fax:  763.302.4348     MRI Fax:  763.287.2304
Rehabilitation Fax:  763.302.4050



Neurology:  952.920.7200
Rehabilitation:  952.920.8088

Neurology Fax: 763.302.4234
Rehabilitation Fax: 763.302.4219



Neurology:  952.435.8516
Rehabilitation: 952.898.5000

Neurology Fax: 952.435.7940
Rehabilitation Fax: 952.898.5996


Coon Rapids 

All Services:  763.427.8320

Fax: 763.427.1243


Maple Grove 

All Services:  763.302.4114

Fax: 763.302.4081


Scheduling an appointment

To make an appointment, please call the office you would like to visit at the number listed above.

Accessing your online medical record

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology offers, free online access to your medical record, from your computer or mobile device.  Communicate with your care team and access your medical records at your convenience.

At, you can:

  • Securely message your care team
  • Review appointments dates and times
  • Request prescription refills
  • View your medical records, including care plans and test results
  • Send your records to other healthcare providers


Create an account:

  • Ask a staff member to email you a registration link or request a link at
  • Open the link.
  • Answer a few data verification questions.
  • Create username and password.
  • Visit to log in.


Urgent Medical Concerns

Please do not use for urgent messages. For urgent medical concerns, please contact our office by phone.  For medical emergencies, always call 911.

Paying your medical bill

Please mail payments to:

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology
P.O. Box 860230
Minneapolis, MN 55486-0230

Contacting your care provider

Contact your physician/provider by sending a secure message via or by calling his/her office at the number listed above.  For urgent medical concerns, please contact our office by phone.  For medical emergencies, always call 911.

Providing feedback

Like our physicians, our administrative staff are committed to providing excellent services and timely communications. If you have any questions or concerns about your care or about the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, please discuss them with a staff member or call our Administrative Offices at 763.302.4100. To speak to our Privacy Officer, please call Jackie Rucke at 763.302.4167.

Asking a billing question

Please contact your health plan or insurance company for questions about coverage, referral requirements or how your insurance company will process your charges.  For questions about Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology billing, refer to the listings below.

Contact our Customer Service Team at 763.302.4395 for help with the following:

• Questions regarding your insurance
• New insurance information
• Changes to your insurance information
• Questions regarding your statement

Contact our Patient Accounts Team at 763.302.4396 for help with the following:

Payment on your account
Payment arrangements
Good faith estimates
• Questions related to uninsured patients
Help with possible outside financial assistance resources
Help with questions regarding our billing policies