Multiple Sclerosis: New Developments in Care

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

As part of the strategies to manage this complex disease, the techniques of rehabilitation and exercise are frequently used. The Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation program focuses on helping people with MS maximize their function and independence at home, work and in their community.  The therapists and neurologist work together to formalize an individualized plan and establish goals for the treatment and management of each patient’s MS symptoms.

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

An Introduction to Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Birnbaum talked about the new advances in Multiple Sclerosis and treatment on the Mary Hanson Show in November 2013.

Dr. Birnbaum was featured as the guest speaker on the Mary Hanson Show in May 2012 to discuss Multiple Sclerosis.



Recent MS Research

Dr. Gary Birnbaum, retired MCN MS specialist, offers updates about Multiple Sclerosis research on his new blog.  Check it out here:

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