Occupational Therapy for Vision Impairments


Vision refers to the process of taking visual information in through our eyes and then processing this information through our brains. When visual difficulties occur, it can affect a person’s ability to manage daily activities, including:

• Reading
• Using computer
• Visually scanning environment in order to complete tasks at home and in the community
• Safe mobility
• Driving
• Performing work tasks
• Performing school work

Symptoms that may be a sign of a vision problem include:

• Headache during visually-demanding tasks, such as reading or using a computer
• Poor concentration and difficulty focusing
• Fatigue
• Dizziness
• Double or blurred vision

Many conditions can lead to difficulties with vision, including:

• Multiple Sclerosis
• Stroke
• Head/brain injuries
• Post-concussive Syndrome
• Glaucoma
• Macular degeneration

MCN Occupational Therapy for Visual Impairments

Our occupational therapists are highly experienced in specialized vision rehabilitation. OT will assess and address problems, and work to develop intervention strategies to improve your function. The following are interventions that may be provided:

• Vision retraining/exercises
• Education on compensatory strategies to improve tolerance to visually demanding activities
• Education on compensatory strategies to increase safety and independence in the home and community
• Education about individual’s visual deficit and how it impacts function

Occupational Therapy for Visual Impairments is available at our Edina, Golden Valley and Maple Grove offices.