Occupational Therapy for Dementia Care

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology Occupational Therapy for Dementia

Occupational Therapists at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology have advanced training and experience in vision and neurological rehabilitation, and therefore we can offer assessments and interventions that assist in maximizing the safety and independence of those with dementia. We work with patients and their caregivers in all stages of dementia.

Dementia treatment interventions include:

Helping patients and families prepare for potential problems and maximize safety

Recommendations to modify or grade an activity to allow for successful performance of tasks and maximize independence

Instruction on meaningful and purposeful activities that engage the individual mentally and physically

Education on compensatory strategies for memory and attention to improve performance with daily activities

Caregiver education to ensure appropriate care is being provided and reduce caregiver burden


Driving is often a major concern for those with dementia.

The Occupational Therapists at Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology are able to help determine if someone is safe to drive.  These assessments are completed in the MCN outpatient clinic. If they determine that further assessment is warranted, an individual may be referred for a behind-the-wheel evaluation.

MCN OT can administer a Cognitive Performance Test (CPT), which has shown predictive validity for the ability to safely drive.

In addition to the CPT, MCN OT may select additional standardized measures that have been shown to correlate with driving safety in order to help decide if driving is a safe option.

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