Dr. Murali Krishnamurthy is an expert in treating headaches and migraines which is a very common problem.

Many patients come to Dr. Krishnamurthy for help with their migraine headaches. He focuses on breaking the pain cycle which allows patients to resume their normal daily activities. In the U.S. more than 37 million people suffer from migraines headaches; some studies estimate that 1 in 10 adults will experience them.  Between 2 and 3 Read More →

Chronic Back Pain; there are many treatments available that don’t involve narcotics

Dr. Murali Krishnamurthy at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, is an expert in back pain and uses a wide variety of treatments to help patients resolve their issues without the use of narcotics. Chronic back pain can be very difficult to treat, especially in cases involving failed back surgery or neuropathic pain (also called nerve Read More →

The definition of a physiatrist

“What is a Physiatrist?” Patients often read the word Physiatrist and think they are reading the word “Psychiatrist”. In general patients use the more common term of “Pain Doctor”; many have never even heard of the word Physiatrist. In the medical field, a Physiatrist is often referred to as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician Read More →

Dr. Murali Krishnamurthy is a Physiatrist at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology

Dr. Krishnamurthy is a Physiatrist at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology. A Physiatrist is a doctor that specializes in pain managment. He is  truly devoted to helping his patients relieve their pain and recover their function. When patients come to see hm he listens carefully to their concerns and diagnoses the cause of their pain. Read More →