Center for Neuro-Vision Disorders and Neuro-Visual Diagnostic Laboratory

Dr. Jonathan Calkwood is a neurology-trained neuro-ophthalmologist. He provides comprehensive clinical and visual diagnostic services as part of the neuro-visual diagnostic laboratory at The Schapiro Center for Multiple Sclerosis at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology in Golden Valley.

vision disorders

Neuro-Visual Diagnostic Testing

Visual Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis

• Optic Neuritis
• Diplopia
• Nystagmus
• Skew Deviation

Neuro-Ophthalmology Disorders

• Pseudo-tumor Cerebri
• Papilledema
• Anomalous Optic Neuropathies
• Optic Nerve Drusen
• Optic Neuropathies:

– Ischemic, Hereditary, Traumatic and Compressive

• Ocular Myasthenia
• Graves Disease
• Essential Blepharospasm
• Functional Visual Disorders
• Migranous Visual Disorders

Neuro-Visual Diagnostic Lab Services

• Refraction
• Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy
• Perimetry (Visual Field Testing)
• Ophthalmic Photography
• OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)


Appointments can be made by calling 763-302-4199.