Headache and Migraine Rehabilitation


Many patients are referred to the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology for treatment of headaches and migraines, as a primary diagnosis or secondary to neck and spinal dysfunction.  Headaches may develop from a number of causes:  (1) an injury or accident which strains the cervical tissue and joints, (2) postural strain, especially with prolonged sitting, (3) cervical muscle overuse secondary to weakness in the stabilization muscles of the upper back and (4) referred from trigger points in the cervical muscles.

For additional information about headache and migraine causes and treatments, please refer to our Neurology Library’s Headaches article.

Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology Headache and Migraine Rehabilitation

Physical therapists at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology thoroughly evaluate each patient to assess the cause of the headaches and provide an individualized treatment plan.  Headache and migraine treatment often includes a combination of the following treatments:

• Manual therapy, such as myofascial techniques and joint mobilization
• Modalities, such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation
• Strengthening of the deep cervical muscles and scapular stabilization muscles
• Postural and alignment correction
• Postural restoration techniques and breathing instruction
• Ergonomics and instruction in optimal positioning for work-related tasks
• Instruction in optimal positioning for household, self-care and recreational tasks

Our goal is to assist patients in their rehabilitation process to be free of headaches, or independent in the self-management of their headaches.